Who: Artist, Singer, & Songwriter Jean-Luc

What: Jean-Luc needed an immersive pop art experience to announce his new single 'FMLYD'. So with the help of video director Jared Brill and art director Brandon Elias, I produced and ideated a music video, photoshoot, and accompanying marketing campaign. I also choreographed the dance.

Where: Boston, MA.

When: March 2016

Role: Producer & Creative Lead

Music Video

Managed pre-production through post-production calendars, managed budget, selected production locations, co-lead creative direction, edited script, hired cast and crew, and staged choreographed dance routine. 



Successfully integrated local streetwear brands Farwell Clothing and OHKAY clothing into the music video in exchange for styling assistance, leveraged production costs, and clothing for the production.


Social media

Hired local social influencers to star in music video as models to boost interest and viewership upon project release. Garnered thousands of additional views and engagements from influencers posting about their experiences.


Content Creation

Hired behind-the-scenes photographers to produce photography and gifs that were used in a social media campaign in September 2016. Campaign successfully increased awareness and interest in the music video. Garnered the attention of numerous local media outlets and blogs.

Photography by Mike Schwarz