Who: BBDO NY Summer Interns 2015

What: How do you introduce 50 freshly employed interns to an office of 200+ caffeinated advertising employees? Simple: a digital campaign and interactive website! During the summer of 2015, the creative, digital production, and broadcast production interns worked together to create an internal interactive website to introduce the interns to the rest of the office; a Netflix, for interns!

Where: New York City, NY.

When: July 2015

Role: Creative & Digital Assistant

Netflix for Interns

Each intern was photoshopped into their favorite film's poster and GIF featuring an iconic scene from said film. BBDO employees were able to scroll through each genre (department) and meet individual interns through biographies and fun facts.

  • Used Adobe Creative Suite to assist other creative interns in poster and gif creation.
  • Helped manage logistics and genre organization.