Who: PinOn is a small location-based social media application based out of Boston, MA.

Role: Consultant & Event Producer

Responsibilities: PinOn enlisted my help to add a creative flair to their marketing campaigns and create a memorable, Instagram-worthy event for influencers. The event was a major success with local and regional communities; PinOn saw their user base increase by over 500% in 2 weeks, garnered 10,000+ earned media impressions over the course of the event, and got notable influencers excited about their new 'one-click' storytelling feature.

When: July 2018 - September 2018


Creative Success

I lead creation direction, including writing and designing the event flyer, overseeing promotional video creation, and leading the interior design of the event space. The flyer was distributed to more than 300 influencers ranging in size from 10K followers to 600K followers.

I acquired the venue booked notable Boston talent like DJ Snax, nic violets and Kingfrom98.