Runway to Mars

Who: Boston University's Fashion and Retail Association

What: During the Fall of 2016, I was hired by Boston University's Fashion and Retail Association to craft a full marketing campaign complete with three event posters, a promotional video, and a post-show recap video to increase ticket sales, help establish a brand identity, and push male attendance. Below is a breakdown of the marketing materials, campaign strategy, and results. 

Where: Boston, MA.

When: September 2016- December 2016

Role: Event Producer, Creative Director

Teaser Trailer & Event Recap Video

Conceptualized, directed and produced two different videos for pre and post event release. Videos were disseminated on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Worked directly with local social influencers to post the content and generate word-of-mouth interest. As a result, the videos and promotional materials garnered 10,000+ views across all platforms.

Marketing Materials

Created three different posters showcasing three different aspects of the event; a standard poster advertising the event, a music poster advertising the featured intermission performance, and a fashion poster advertising the newly added national brand. 

Poster production assistance from Dan Esberg